Thursday, May 13, 2010

Singapore Universal Studio One Day Trip

Being to Universal Studio One Day Trip on 14 May 2010. Entrance fees is S$ 66 per adult during weekday. Dunno about the rate on Weekend. It will be a great fun if you go with a gang of friends (without kids below 120cm), as he can join some of the games in the studio. You must bring some shirts and pants for you to change because you probably get wet after the water park. A friendly reminder is please bring a rain coat in cast there will be raining on the day your visit to the studio.

I went to the studio together with my husband and kids on the 13 May afternoon roughly about 4pm. We didn't manage to get into the studio as the studio will close at 7pm. The entrance fees is not cheap you know? So, we went to the studio again on the 14 May noon around 12pm.

First, we went to the 4D shrek shows. Unfortunately, little prince Hao Wen was scarred by the Dragon. He cried all the way in the dungeon show. So, we moved out to the street... and guess what!!! It was raining..... OH NO!!! My husband went to the car and got us the umbrella while we were waiting at the cinema. So, we went to the coffee house for a cup of coffee to wait for the rain to stop.

The rain was stop after a short while. We continue our journey to the rest of the fun park. There were dancing show, photo snap session with those disney cartoon cat and lion, which I'm don't know what are their name.. hehe..I'm so outdated with the movie now after being kept in the home for so long.

Then, we moved on to the next destination, there was a Jurassic Park, where people played the roller coaster with the scary scene. I didn't go for that... Scarred of being heart attack. haha..Moreover, my son was not qualified for the ride.

There is a water park next to the Jurassic Park, again.. we didn't go for the raffling too, for the same reason.. hao wen is not qualified again.

We had a turkey leg cost S$10.80 on the way to the Egypt Pyramid where you can see all the character in the movie of "The Mummy". Again, we can't go for the ride, don't ask me the reason.. there is only one reason.. kids... aiyo hai...

Finally we arrived at New York Street after the Galaxy (the most excited rides were here - but it wasn't open) , where the old and antique cars were. We had a lot of photography there. We got our exciting moment here where we manage to watch a side effect show in the New York Street. It was an excellent experience to real close with thunder rain, fire.. the fire were real.. and we even can feel the heat. If you want to get splash, you shall go for the first roll.

My son had real fun at the final show at 6.30pm where there were a singing band dancing with him.

There were a meal voucher of S$10 and retail voucher or S$5 per adult. So, spend your voucher wisely.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What Kind of people is that?

I wondering why there are some people in the world, (A) hiring someone (B)with the knowledge which he is lack of but still... don't believe in (B) capability and still questioning the background knowledge that people might have to spend thousand of hours to explain to him especially during exigency ? Why there are such an idiot people in the world? My advice to (A) is don't use (B), do it yourself! (A).

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little Medical Advice for Young Mother

My son had this fever few days ago. Well, I have this little 'light' suddenly comes from my mind to share with you all regarding the medical advice that I get from doctors. I spent a lot of $$ for my babies for these 2 years. Hope these will help you a little bit for not being panic for your first baby.

1. FEVER - a very common illness that every kids will have. Do not panic! First come to your mind is, if you think you cannot handle the situation, seek medical helps! Otherwise, measure the heat with thermometer - I'll suggest you to get the fever strip where you can get at some pharmacy outlet (NOT ALL outlet have this strip). It is simple to use especially for young babies by putting the strip on the baby's forehead. Comparison with ear thermometer and armpit thermometer, they are not as simple as fever strip which is easy to bring, carry and use, always put one or two inside your traveling bag with babies. They are cheaper compared to digital thermometer.
After you take the heat measurement, give fever medicine to baby with instructed dosage (recommended medication by doctor). You always has to standby a new bottle of this medicine at home. After giving the dose, do not wrap you baby or give warm clothes for him as this will worsen the condition. Stay with you baby around 15 minutes, you will see some reflects from the medication. You baby probably starts to sweating. If they do, please wipe off the sweat using a dry tower (this is a good sign). Do not switch on the fan at all time. Air-condition around 25 degree at room temperature (no more hot and cold environment for the baby). The fever will gone after some time (around half an hour).

If they don't sweat, wipe them with wet tower (not very wet, please dries up the water before use. This action just to cool them down not to clean them). Wipe them very frequently. If the fever does not gone after 2 hours, you have to use the buttock medicine (always standby 2 pieces at home). If the fever does not goes down after half an hour after buttock insertion medicine, please go hospital!! Describe all the step you have done to the physician when you reach the hospital, then it is the time you let the professional to handle you baby.

If you manage to control the temperature after the medication at home, stay with your baby, check their temperature every 15 minutes or less to monitor their next fever peak. Try to adjust their feeding time to the same time you give them medication. This can help them to get more rest with full stomach. Monitor their 2nd fever peak and so on. If the fever does not get better after 3 days, it is a MUST to bring them to hospital, they probably need some antibiotics. Follow the instruction by doctors.
TIPS! Every dosage must be in correct amount and on time. If they spill out, top up the medicine.

2. FLU - To be continue...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wrong Decision-Regret Deeply!

I shouldn't left my youngest son to sleep with the maid at night. I made a decision to let my maid take care of my cowboy (born in cow year) on the fifth month after he born. I thought I've made a good plan as my elder son, piglet (born in pig year) doesn't want to sleep with the maid, and he's making noises to disturb our little cowboy if cowboy sleep with us together.

But I missed out a part that little cowboy was so vulnerable that the maid might be careless to handle him at night such as lazy to warm the water before feeding the baby, I guess... Now, little baby is sick with high fever tonight.

I went to the hospital and back home with medication. I hope he'll feel better by tomorrow. I dare not to sleep tonight and accompany him side to side. I push and force the piglet to sleep with the maid to leave a soundless environment for cowboy, and I plan to sleep with cowboy in the future.

Hopefully this is a good decision. Does anyone can recommend me a better one?

DAY 2 -

Cowboy still not feeling well today, but the fever is under controlled with medicine. He's lying down on my leg and sleep soundly now.

Day 3 -

He is feeling much much better today. Mild fever. For all young mother: Young child with normal fever shouldn't more than 3 days with medication on time. Please seeks for medical help as soon as possible if the fever never get better after 3 days.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good to Be AT HOME!

It is So~~ Good~~ .
Relax with my kids at home as usual. Cook some simple dishes like fried egg with soya source today. I feel like the rice today are so delicious and smell's great!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Family Planning

I read through one of my friend's blog tonight. He is headache with no high volume in terms of money and time for the family. Well, I would like to share mine. I do have time for family, and I do not have much worry about money, coz I think it is enough, probably I'm not too high demanding on $$.

I follow my husband to involve in hospitality industries since 5 years ago, end of year 2005. We do not have kids yet, so we manage to handle the business no matter how hard it is. we standby 24 hours, we take turns to sleep, we don't spend much, we save a lot.

What I have after 2 years, end of year 2007, our first son delivered. I'm still working together with my baby. I brought him to work at the hotel's room. Terrible, I do not have a helper/maid during that particular time. I have to take care of him when he's awake, change nappies, giving milk, playing, pampering, all activities that I can do to make him calm down with happiness. I can only work after he slept. How long will that be? 10 mins, 20 mins or 30 mins? I do not have enough time to finish my paper work. I OT myself in the middle of night. I've been stressful and tried to minimize my work tasks. Then I almost become a full time mother in year 2008. I'm helping my husband to do some mailing and payrol.

1 Year after this, I got my second son (Hao Feng), end of 2009. We took another hotel management 5 months after I delivered Hao Feng. I left my kids at my brother's house for the 1st week of hotel operation with no choice, I have to. From Marketing down to front office, I have no time for them. I cried throughout the week. I missed them so much. Then I decided to bring my whole family to stay at the new hotel at Melaka with me. Luckly I have a mom that is able to look after my children for 3 weeks. Now, the headache is after end of this week, she has to move to my brother's house for my sis in law's confinement. I couldn't imagine how's the life will be after this without her.

To my friends, life is never being smooth. I wish someone can help me to think about how to move on too. I guess after 10 years from now, I will ask myself, have I or did I being through all this? Wow... Is it me at the time or the story was belongs to someone else.

Be strong, and hold still with your partner to solve the family problems and troubles. We do complaint especially ladies... with no doubt. We need family to stay closed with us. We love for being sharing what We have and we face with each day. Even though I stay together with my husband, I think he doesn't really understand and know what am I doing, feeling each day. That's is our problem. We do stay together, but we are too busy for each other. Same as our kids.. we stay together, but we do not have much contacts since we start this new hotel operation. Sometimes I will ask myself, at the end, am "I gain or I lost?"

Day After Day

I used to be very boring that look after my child at home. I claimed too lazy to get up from bed.
Now, I have to manage the business, kids and family. I claimed too tired to get up from bed. :) ha.. I laugh at my ownself....