Thursday, May 13, 2010

Singapore Universal Studio One Day Trip

Being to Universal Studio One Day Trip on 14 May 2010. Entrance fees is S$ 66 per adult during weekday. Dunno about the rate on Weekend. It will be a great fun if you go with a gang of friends (without kids below 120cm), as he can join some of the games in the studio. You must bring some shirts and pants for you to change because you probably get wet after the water park. A friendly reminder is please bring a rain coat in cast there will be raining on the day your visit to the studio.

I went to the studio together with my husband and kids on the 13 May afternoon roughly about 4pm. We didn't manage to get into the studio as the studio will close at 7pm. The entrance fees is not cheap you know? So, we went to the studio again on the 14 May noon around 12pm.

First, we went to the 4D shrek shows. Unfortunately, little prince Hao Wen was scarred by the Dragon. He cried all the way in the dungeon show. So, we moved out to the street... and guess what!!! It was raining..... OH NO!!! My husband went to the car and got us the umbrella while we were waiting at the cinema. So, we went to the coffee house for a cup of coffee to wait for the rain to stop.

The rain was stop after a short while. We continue our journey to the rest of the fun park. There were dancing show, photo snap session with those disney cartoon cat and lion, which I'm don't know what are their name.. hehe..I'm so outdated with the movie now after being kept in the home for so long.

Then, we moved on to the next destination, there was a Jurassic Park, where people played the roller coaster with the scary scene. I didn't go for that... Scarred of being heart attack. haha..Moreover, my son was not qualified for the ride.

There is a water park next to the Jurassic Park, again.. we didn't go for the raffling too, for the same reason.. hao wen is not qualified again.

We had a turkey leg cost S$10.80 on the way to the Egypt Pyramid where you can see all the character in the movie of "The Mummy". Again, we can't go for the ride, don't ask me the reason.. there is only one reason.. kids... aiyo hai...

Finally we arrived at New York Street after the Galaxy (the most excited rides were here - but it wasn't open) , where the old and antique cars were. We had a lot of photography there. We got our exciting moment here where we manage to watch a side effect show in the New York Street. It was an excellent experience to real close with thunder rain, fire.. the fire were real.. and we even can feel the heat. If you want to get splash, you shall go for the first roll.

My son had real fun at the final show at 6.30pm where there were a singing band dancing with him.

There were a meal voucher of S$10 and retail voucher or S$5 per adult. So, spend your voucher wisely.

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